Motive Research Melbourne GPS Fleet Management

Do you know where your vehicles are?

Manage fuel costs with GPS tracking.

motive manage fuel costs

Use Motive Research live Fleet Management tools to track rolling assets and eliminate fuel wastage.  Identify costly driving behaviour & poor route planning before you pay for it at the petrol pump.

Track and prevent Unauthorised Vehicle Usage

Even short trips by drivers during non work hours can add up to a hefty fuel bill if left un-monitored. Motive GPS allows monitoring of company vehicles, when/where they have been used & by whom. Most effective when combined with our RFID driver sign in.

Reduce speeding and excessive idling.

Over speed alerts & stationary period alerts (engine running whilst vehicle stationary) identify problems immediately, allowing for timely corrective action. Fleet managers can send a speeding driver an SMS telling them to slow down, or ask a driver that has been idling for an extended period to switch engine off or change route.

Advanced historical reporting identifies unwanted driver habits & case studies show some customers offset cost of GPS tracking with the ability to monitor speeding/idling alone.

Use tracking data for effective Route Planning.

Historical GPS tracking data is a powerful tool to design the most effective routes for pre-set delivery schedules (like food service runs). Train new drivers using this information to establish an efficient work ethic early in employment terms. Efficient routes = Lower Fuel Expenditure. Create KPI’s based on time / fuel usage to provide performance incentives for staff.