Motive Research Melbourne GPS Fleet Management

Do you know where your vehicles are?

Increase productivity with GPS tracking

Motivating your staff is a delicate balance between appropriate monitoring & providing incentives to meet performance targets.
Motive Research live GPS tracking & historical reporting, allows fleet managers to efficiently achieve both goals, whilst eliminating unnecessary duplications.

Track your Fleet in REAL-TIME

Monitoring fleet activity has been shown to reduce downtime as a result of unproductive or delinquent activities. Furthermore managers can reward drivers for consistent adherence to operational procedures or meeting delivery schedules.

A clear visualisation of the location of all vehicles is of great benefit when making rapid decisions. Finding which driver is closest to a target makes last minute, high priority, high margin jobs a breeze.

Our GPS mapping software is simple and intuitive to use, yet provides comprehensive data on fleet usage.
See our customer testimonials for more examples of using Motive GPS tracking to improve the productivity of your fleet.