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Do you know where your vehicles are?

Pro-Active driver safety with GPS tracking

motive driver safety

Occupational health and safety is quickly becoming a major part of any Fleet Managers job description.

Regulatory responsibility for worker safety is not avoidable & a pro-active approach will ensure legislative compliance and a motivated work force.

Fleet monitoring with GPS tracking identifies dangerous worker behaviour – speeding, hard acceleration/braking in real time. Workers can be alerted to this behaviour whilst it’s occurring, thus discouraging futures attempts at such behaviour. Live GPS tracking also easily locates vehicle breakdowns, keep your drivers safe by knowing where they are & where to send help if they are in difficulty.

Drivers working excessive hours are targeted by authorities as an area of strict compliance in the transport industry. Make sure your company log books are up to date and accurate with Motive GPS historical reporting feature. Verify driver log books against GPS data to ensure full compliance with company policy.