Motive Research Melbourne GPS Fleet Management

Do you know where your vehicles are?

Decrease labour costs with GPS Tracking

motive decrease labour

Time is money, goes the old saying & if you are operating a fleet in your business, then you understand it better every payday.

Motive Research provides an affordable way of staying on top of labour costs & ensuring each hour you pay has been productive & fairly earned.
Wages & salaries comprise a large part of any fleet costs & finding even small percentage reductions will add plenty to your bottom line.

Live Fleet Management

Drivers heading home for a nap, taking extra time for lunch or falsifying records is a thing of the past. You will be pleasantly surprised how much overtime is saved when you introduce Motive GPS tracking to your business and the difference it makes to your administration costs relating to human resources.
Geo-fencing a target allows fleet managers to clock drivers on & off as they enter or leave specified geographical destinations.