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Do you know where your vehicles are?

Minimise your environmental footprint with GPS Tracking

motive environmental footprint

Actively monitoring your fleet doesn’t only improve your bottom line, it’s also good for the environment. Maximising the efficiency of your fleet with GPS tracking reduces duplications, excessive idle, minimises speeding incidents and generally reduces the amount of time your vehicles are on the road.

Studies around the world confirm that between 15-20% of emissions which pollute our air, are the result of burning fossil fuels in combustions engines.
Sadly the transport industry is a significant contributor to this pollution, however you can be pro-active about reducing the environmental impact of your vehicles, by installing Motive GPS tracking & taking control of your fleet.

How GPS tracking can achieve environmental change.

Monitor driver behaviour & modify as necessary to comply with efficient & safe driving practises.  No more lead footing with GPS tracking!

Monitor periods of excessive idle & change operations to eliminate or minimise. Sometimes the difference between being stuck in a traffic jam & a free run is deploying vehicles 15 mins earlier or choosing an alternate route. With tracking data at their fingertips, fleet & operations managers can work together to eliminate inefficiencies.

Monitor mileage & service intervals of entire fleet from your desk. Regular servicing keeps vehicle emissions down.