Motive Research Melbourne GPS Fleet Management

Do you know where your vehicles are?

Focus on Customer Service with GPS Tracking


Live GPS tracking turns your fleet into a "can do" operation! Customers of any business appreciate timely answers to their enquiries – How far away is my delivery? Can your driver come back, I have another parcel to dispatch? Can I get an urgent pick up?

Dithering on these questions undermine customer confidence , however a prompt  & well informed answer can cement a long term partnership.

Consider the impact of the following responses to the question of “can your driver come back…?

"um…how long ago did he leave? I’m not sure how far he might have gone, I’ll just call him & call you back…"

Compared to

"Bear with me for a moment. Actually I can see our vehicle is just around the corner, I’ll ask him to turn around & he’ll be back in a few minutes"


"I'm sorry our driver is no longer in your area, we can get another courier out to you within the hour, do you mind waiting?"

Not only is the impression left with your customer important, the confidence in making quick decisions that utilise resources efficiently & add to your bottom line is crucial to business success.

In addition to live tracking, historical reporting can be used to evaluate your businesses performance with regard to response times to jobs & service volumes. This information is vital at management meetings for operational/staff reviews & future planning.

Equally seeing the effects of procedural changes soon after implementation (comparing response times or services volumes from one week/month to another) allows managers to hone their departments “on the fly”.