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Do you know where your vehicles are?

Asset recovery & theft protection with GPS Tracking

motive asset recovery

Insuring your fleet, may protect your business against the financial loss incurred arising from vehicle theft. It does not however assist in recovering stolen property or discourage theft to begin with. Motive GPS tracking does both.

Insurance premiums also invariably come with an excess. This out of pocket expense can be avoided if the stolen vehicle is recovered and undamaged. Live tracking gives your business the best chance of vehicle recovery and a bargaining chip when negotiating premiums with insurance companies.

Event triggered alerts can be customised to inform fleet operators when a vehicle has been started or moved without authorisation. Providing this information to Police as quickly as possible greatly improves recovery outcomes & reduces the potential for damage to the vehicle or contents.

Read our testimonials for real life examples of how Motive Research customers have used GPS tracking to recover stolen vehicles, within minutes of a theft occurring & assisted Police in apprehending the thieves.