Motive Research Melbourne GPS Fleet Management

Do you know where your vehicles are?

Real Time Fleet View

What is the status of your vehicle fleet right now?

Motive Research GPS Fleet Managment displays your vehicles on a map with information about current position, speed and status. Important alerts and status signals from your vehicles can also be displayed in real time.

Business value

Motive Research GPS Fleet Managment increases operator efficiency by visualizing fleet management tasks. The real time view makes sure that your vehicles are used according to company policy. With easily verified vehicle positions your vehicles are used more efficiently and unnecessary driving is reduced.

Customers also report significantly better vehicle utilization and overall economy as vehicles are used more in line with corporate policies.

How does it work?

Your vehicle fleet is displayed in real time on a map in a web browser. You can select a vehicle to follow and also get more detailed information about its current status. If you have multiple operators you can create multiple views with different groups of vehicles.

Alerts from your vehicles are also shown in the web browser, both as a list of events and markers on the map. Alert configuration is very flexible can include things like speeding, unexpected movement and driver SOS alarms.