Motive Research Melbourne GPS Fleet Management

Do you know where your vehicles are?

Use iPhone and Android to track your fleet!

With Motive Research Mobile you can manage your vehicle fleet from mobile phones and tablets!

Motive Research Mobile gives you control over your fleet where ever you are. Fleet status is available on a single overview page, vehicles can be tracked on a map in real time and alarms are managed directly from your mobile devices.

Motive Research Mobile works on iPad, iPhone, Android and many other mobile devices with a web browser.

Fleet status
The vehicle list is continuously updated showing the address, time since the last update and all active alarms for each vehicle.

The list can be sorted in date, name and alarm order using the menu at the top of the list and with the search function you can quickly find specific vehicles.
Tap on any vehicle for more details or tap a map icon to go directly to the real time map for the vehicle.
Vehicle information and Alarms

The vehicle information page shows more details for the selected vehicle including current speed and vehicle status. The map icon takes you to a map page for real time tracking of the vehicle.
Active alarms are listed with detailed information and times stamp. You can show alarms on a map or close them directly in the list.
The alarm icon in the top right corner is available on every page. As long as there are active alarms the alarm icon is red. Tap the alarm icon to show the vehicle list with the vehicles with active alarms first.
Live maps
Tap the map icon to track a vehicle in real time. The map window shows the vehicle and active alarms. You can show and hide vehicles and alarms with the menu above the map.
You can show your own position on the map by tapping the Me button below the map. This is great if you want a visual reference between you and the vehicle.
The All button zooms and pans the map to include all objects.

The Info button brings up the information box showing details and status information for the tracked vehicle.

Getting started
Login to Motive Research Mobile from the same url as you login to GpsGate Server, your mobile device is detected at login.

Supported devices
Motive Research Mobile has been throughly tested on iPad, iPhone, and multiple Android devices.

You can expect Motive Research Mobile to work well on devices that get an A-grade on the jQuery Mobile Supported Platforms list.