Vehicle Tracking Equipment

Tracking a vehicle using GPS requires the installation of a number of key components.

Firstly a GPS receiver unit is required, to receive location co-ordinates from satellites orbiting the earth. Communication between the receiver unit and satellites is facilitated by a dedicated external antenna, usually mounted near the receiver and hard-wired into the receivers circuit board. The GPS receiver has on-board memory, which allows it to store longitude and latitude c0-ordinates for transmission as needed by our mapping software.

A second external antenna allows communication between the GPS receiver and our servers, using the mobile cellular network (mobile phone towers).

Effective GPS tracking requires these key components to be properly installed! Poor installation will result in poor system performance, since incorrectly oriented antennas will reduce signal strength and therefore tracking accuracy.

At Motive Research, we check the installation of our devices in the field when using on-site contractors, to eliminate sloppy workmanship and ensure customer satisfaction.