Motive Research Reporting

Distance reports show fleet usage
A report that shows the overall vehicle usage is a powerful tool for a fleet manager. A distance report includes the total time and distance driven and the idle time in between trips for each vehicle or driver.

Time on site reports improve customer satisfaction
The time spent at customer sites is a key measure for sales or service organizations. Time on site reports show details of customer visits and the customers that have not been visited. This makes it easy to both validate visits, and quickly take care of any missed customers.

Fuel and speed reports promote green driving
Fuel reports show the fuel consumption and also indicate how the vehicles are driven. With optional accelerometer information the reports show harsh accelerations, breaking and sharp turns. By monitoring the fuel consumption fuel costs can be cut by 10 – 20 % and by following speed limits another 10 – 20 % savings can be added as the vehicle wear is significantly reduced.

Idle time reports save money
Idling vehicles are costing companies significant amounts of money. An idle time report that reduces idling is often more than enough to motivate the cost of a tracking system. A heavy truck, or bus, consumes up to one gallon of diesel fuel per hour when idling. That unnecessary fuel cost amounts to $24,000 USD annually for a fleet of ten trucks idling two hours per day.