About Motive Research

Motive Research applies GPS technology to vehicle tracking. Our fleet management s0lutions save you money and improve your relationship with the most valuable people in your business – your customers.

Our company was created out of frustration – at the reliability & performance of existing tracking options, the cost of existing tracking options & the lack of customer service provided by existing operators. We thought the compromises were too great! Why couldn’t we have a reliable and cost effective GPS tracking system?

Well as it turned out we could, but we had to create it ourselves!

The directors of Motive Research blend IT knowledge with real world experience, delivering fresh produce to Melbourne’s top restaurants and hotels. Our system was created to help us manage our business. It needed to be reliable, it needed to be affordable, it needed to save us money, it needed to make us more efficient, it needed to do these things because we would be it’s first customer!!

Distribution costs represent a major component of every product sold in today’s economy and will continue to grow in coming years. The ability to track the vehicles in your fleet offers a competitive edge by eliminating duplications, keeping staff motivated and providing historical data for operational review and future planning. Motive Research makes affordable GPS tracking available no matter how many vehicles you maintain, so call us today to get your fleet costs under control!